Sailing Away.

This project was begun this past spring before I started ghostwriting full time. It is a first person, present tense, multiple point-of-view (more than two and not strictly alternating)  'literary' romance that was prompted as a bit of fan-fiction based (very loosely) on the life of one of my favorite film stars.

The first chapter (attached as a PDF) is a little over 9ooo words (long by standard romance rules of play), but sets up the story well and introduces the main characters in detail.

I have ideas about re-working this into some future project. Would love to know what romance readers think of it.

Sailing Away -- Chapter 1

Want more? Stay tuned, or better yet, let me know you want more!

Shooter Ready.

Shooter Ready is an alternating, dual point-of-view project I'm working on as an eBook Romance publication for Amazon.

The main characters, Kendall and Devan, are both complex individuals with scars and a lifetime of trauma that has made them believe that they are incapable of either giving or being worthy of real love.

Their story reveals something altogether different, but it takes them awhile to admit to themselves and to one another that they are willing to risk it all for one last, well-placed shot at absolute love.

Posted here are the first eight chapters of this WIP for your consideration. If you like it, my plan is to finish it and make it my debut.

I'd love to know what you think!?


Salt Water Scars ~ In The Deep

My debut!

Neil Morgan wants to save the world, but he's a man engulfed in fear. He's plagued by his family's dark legacy, haunted by night terrors ravaging his sleep, and scarred inside and out by a lifetime of mistakes and misfortune. He's drowning in excess that doesn't deaden his pain, and running scared from people who would rather see him martyred than allow him to succeed at making the world a better, cleaner, more peaceful place.

Because his life is such a complicated wreck, Neil knows no one could ever care for him, and he's certain he doesn't deserve it. His world is small and it's closing in fast. Then he meets Ross Gillian, the most fearless, most beautiful woman he's ever laid eyes on.

When their worlds collide, threat and violence descend upon Ross and her family. Neil must face his fears, step out of his gilded cage, and do everything in his power to protect, defend, and earn the respect of this remarkable girl -- or risk losing her forever.

Will Ross allow him into her world? Or will she cast him off to drift alone into self-destruction, just like she's done with others before him?

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