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In The Deep

A billionaire romantic thriller with plenty of action and heat.

Neil Morgan is the heir to a family fortune in the billions, but he’s scarred inside and out from the wars he’s waged. His money can buy anything except a better planet to live on. His days and his nights are haunted by a relentless determination to right the wrongs of a generation of greedy forebears, and maybe just improve the world while he’s at it.

He’s stumbled upon a game-changing technology that might just alter the course of history, but there are powerful people in his way who will stop at nothing to maintain the status quo.

Ross Gillian isn’t concerned with the state of world affairs. She’s just trying to make her way in a life that’s a lot smaller than the one she anticipated for herself. Despite crushing disappointments, heartbreak, and loss, she’s determined to accept her lot and make the most of it. She’s learned to laugh at herself and others, and find her joy where she can make it.

When the famous billionaire – Neil Morgan – turns up on her little island paradise, Ross laughs at him. She laughs until she realizes he’s not the privileged alpha she always imagined.

Ross is certain there are no second chances for true happiness, and her first shot is long gone.

Neil is certain no one could ever love him becuase of his scars and all his baggage.

When their worlds collide, threat and violence descend upon Ross and her family. Neil must face his demons, step out of his gilded cage, and do everything in his power to protect, defend, and earn the respect of this remarkable girl – or risk losing her forever.

Will Ross allow him into her world? Or will she cast him off to drift alone into self-destruction, just like she’s done with others before him?

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Jenna Brett writes Kindle-melting romance with real plots and lovable characters, who become your friends, and who you often fall in love with.

Salt Water Scars ~ In the Deep (book one), is the first of three in a series. Warning, it ends with a cliffhanger. Book two – The Gift of Light – is scheduled for release in 2018. I promise a HEA with a better world for all of us, at the conclusion. Until then, enjoy the roller coaster ride that is the courtship and romance of Neil Morgan and Ross Gillian (along with a few bad guys, really great good guys, some cool tech, and a lot of fine scenery).


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All I ever wanted to do was write books with happily ever afters. Learn More.

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