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JOIN MY LAUNCH TEAM for The Gift of Light!

You’ve heard about Book Launch Teams, Right?

So, if you have (or if you’ve taken part in one), you already know all the cool benefits you get by participating. If you haven’t, then keep reading. I’m going to give you a run down of everything you get in exchange for the help you provide in getting my new book, Into the Light, launched and promoted in proper form.

Let’s start with what you get:

1. Of course, everyone gets a pre-launch copy of the book to read, weeks before it goes live.
2. Plus, you’ll get to contribute to ideas & suggestions on the cover, the blurb, all the promotional messaging. That way, a little piece of your input will be incorporated into every copy of this book that readers see.
3. For the mercenary, there’s Swag. Good Swag. Bad Boy Swag. Here’s what we’ve got:

Joey Tank 2018 Calandar


— For the ten most effective “Heart On” Launch Team members, you’ll get the  2018 Tank Joey Calendar from the fine folks at (You need this.)

— For the twenty next most effective “Heart On” Launch Team members, you’ll get the Justin Coffee Mug, which is guaranteed to send your boss into apoplexy.

4. Plus, you’ll get a simple “Swipe Sheet” with verbiage, graphics, and easy-to-follow instructions for everything you need to do to help Into the Light get read. It’s the No-Brainer guide to launching my book to your friends and social network connections, without looking spammy. (And if you’re willing to investigate becoming an Amazon Affiliate – which is free and easy, you could actually earn a little $$ promoting my book.)

5. But here’s the icing on the cake; I’m going to share my entire Marketing Plan with you. Really. If you’re an aspiring author and want to know what happens behind the scenes to make a book rocket in rankings, this is the “big benefit” for you. I’ve spent months studying the top sellers in the Romance genre, and years working as a ghostwriter for one of them. This marketing plan is the culmination of every practical and theoretical tactic I’ve gleaned, put into practice for the benefit of this book. Wanna see it? Okay. All you have to do is sign-up to be part of my book launch team and agree to do a few small things for the book.

Here are the almost painless requirements for being a “Heart On” book launch hero:
1. Read the book. If you love it – WONDERFUL! Move on to #2. (If you hate it, well, that’s okay, but you probably don’t want to be a part of the Launch Party. We love you anyway.)
2. On Launch Day, log in to Amazon and review the book. This is a huge – YUGELY – important part of launch. The better the review, the better for the book’s success – but more than that, the review needs to:
— Be honest, demonstrating through the review content that the reviewer actually read it,
— Be placed on launch day or within 24 hours of launch (because of the way Amazon’s algorithms work).
3. Over the course of about three weeks, you should be willing to produce a number of social media posts (I’ll supply you with easy, cut and paste text, memes, graphics, etc.), to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads, or other spots online that will get the book noticed by people and by search engine algos. (I’ll give you the list and you can post where you’re active.)
4. During the ramp-up to launch, I’ll set up a private Facebook page just for our launch group to keep everyone up-to-date on what’s going on, ask for help, get your guidance, (and probably vent about my oh-too-busy world and the fact that the cat just threw up on the rug, again.)
5. If you Admin a Facebook Group, host a newsletter, have a blog, or something else in the way of a platform, think about a way that I could contribute. I could do an interview or article suited to your audience. (I love talking about what it’s been like Ghostwriting for a best-selling Romance author.) You could do a Q&A with me. You can interview one of my cats (no nude photos, thank you. My cats are quite proper about such things).

At the end of launch (at three weeks or so after the book goes live), I’ll share all my stats and all my marketing plans with the group.  This way we’ll all see what worked, what didn’t, and hopefully why.  There’s no risk and no cost to you for helping out, and you get priceless insight in exchange for your support!

So, are you in?

Jenna Brett writes Kindle-melting romance with real plots and lovable characters, who become your friends, and who you often fall in love with.


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