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Help Me Finish “Sailing Away”!

Have you ever wanted to just run?

Cullen Morgan appears to have everything. He’s handsome, successful, and world famous. And that’s a problem, because everyone wants a piece of him, and they’re willing to tear him to shreds to get it.

Sailing Away is a current work-in-progress. It’s the story of a former Navy SEAL who found fame and fortune in Hollywood after a career-ending battlefield injury. Despite his success in the glitterazzi world of blockbuster movies, life hasn’t turned out quite as Cullen Morgan hoped. He’s plagued by stalkers, harassed by the paparazzi, and running from star-crazed fans who won’t give him space to breathe.

His old commanding officer offers refuge on a sailboat, anonymity on the high seas, and a second home in isolated ports of call, where nobody knows Cullen’s name or all-too-famous face.

This giveaway provides you a first look at the first two chapters (approximately 14,000 words) framing the story, as well as a chance to inform the direction of the book.

I hope you’ll like it. You’ll get the chance to tell me exactly what you think after reading it, through a survey I’ve provided at the end.

Now’s your chance to help write a book, improve one, or kill it completely.

Choose wisely!

Jenna Brett writes Kindle-melting romance with real plots and lovable characters, who become your friends, and who you often fall in love with.


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