Jenna Brett – Bio of a Steamy Romance Novel Ghostwriter

Jenna BrettEvery fiction writer worth their salt, from Earnest Hemingway to John Grisham, have all had one mantra in common; that is, write what you know. They’ve done it by investing years in research. They’ve done it by writing in genres closely related to their pre-authoring careers. They’ve done it by sticking to the essence of sweet or brutal home lives; only changing the names to protect the guilty, essentially re-telling their own story again and again. And they’ve done it by living real, difficult lives out in the world.

Every word I write, every character I flesh out, every scene I paint on the page, is drawn from some thread of my own real-life experience. I’ve been blessed (and sometimes cursed) with a big, often complicated, sometimes exciting, always challenging, life.

I’ve been a groupie, following one of the world’s top rock bands all over the world, rubbing elbows with celebrities and roadies. I’ve dated special forces soldiers, cops, and self-made tech start-up millionaires, along with a chef, a bad-boy biker, and a vegan Buddhist. I’ve been a teen runaway, homeless and hungry. I’ve traveled the world with a back-pack, sleeping in hostels, and flown first class, resting my head in fine hotels all over the capitals of Europe. I’ve built a log cabin and lived in it for two years without electricity or running water. I’ve been a designer, a copywriter, a marketing director, a beekeeper, an antiquarian bookseller, an armed body guard, a waitress, a bartender, a professional driver, a nursing home direct care tech, a restoration carpenter, and a newspaper reporter.

I’ve raced bicycles, driven sinfully fast cars – and crashed them. I’ve been a competitive rifle shooter, and can hit a target at 1000 yards. I’ve won awards and lost my shirt. I’ve been married and divorced a few times, and lost a child. I’ve been abandoned, orphaned, abused, and stalked by a crazy person. I’ve been wealthy one minute, destitute and homeless the next. I’ve been desperate and frightened, broken by circumstance – but always, I get back up.

This big, complicated life has given me a lot to work with as a story teller. They say “write what you know”.

Okay. I got this.

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